The BEST Place For Bohol Kitesurfing

The BEST Place For Bohol Kitesurfing

Seaside Beach Park Dimiao Bohol Philippines-002

Seaside Beach Park in DIMIAO is The Top Bohol Province for Windsurfing & Kitesurfing.

Come Learn how to Kitesurf in Bohol! Introducing NEW kitesurfing At Seaside Beach Resort in Dimiao, Bohol.
We offer Beginner lessons every day, kitesurfing Camps and kitesurfing Rentals, one of the best and newest kitesurfing destinations in Bohol Philippines.
At Seaside Beach Park in DIMIAO, Bohol kitesurfing you can book complete beginner lessons in kitesurfing, Advanced lessons, Rent gear, store your gear and simply just come and hang out at our Beach Park.

If you’re interested in doing some tours around the island you can easily book that with us as well. We can also book cheap accommodation here as well.

Interested in Learning how to Kitesurf in Bohol?
Please use the form below to book your kitesurfing adventure today!

IKO level 1
₱ 6,400 4 hours (3 hours if private)

IKO level 2
₱ 6,400 4 hours (3 hours if private)

IKO level 2
₱ 6,400 4 hours (3 hours if private)

IKO level 1+2
₱ 19,000 12 hours (9 hours if private)

IKO level 3
₱ 6,400 4 hours (3hours if private)

IKO level 1
The starting course is for all beginners. On this course you learn to fly the kite independently in a safe way and starts to get a feel of it! After this you can continue with level 2

IKO level 2
During this course you will have advanced kite control, advance body dragging control, body drag with board, know the self rescue technique and Start practicing to get up on the board.

IKO level 2
This is the final step of your full course. Here we will focus on board starts and getting up and ride a longer distance on the board. After this course you get certified and are an independent kite surfer.

IKO level 1-2
This is the real deal! Choose this course if you want to go from beginner to a complete kitesurfer. You will go thru everything mentioned in all the other courses.

IKO level 3
This course helps you to take your kitesurfing to the next level! We will together decide on what areas we focus on to develop. Could be upwind riding, Transitions, Toeside riding, Jumps & tricks. The sky is the limit!

Theory & wind analysis
Spot check
Kite Setup
Safety systems
Kite control
Water re-launching kite
Body Dragging
Up- & downwind Body Dragging
Body dragging with board
Water starts with board INCLUDED IN THE COURSE:
Water starts with board
Riding with correct body position
Board control
Individual coaching
Everything mentioned in Beginner level 1, 2 & 3

After this course you are able to rent kite gear or take the advanced course for faster progress in you development

Could be;
Upwind riding,
Transitions (Turning),
Riding toe side,
Jumps, etc.

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Seaside Beach Resort Bohol

Far from the crowded beaches of Alona, Seaside Beach Resort and Beach Park is the best place for travelers who want to learn more about the Philippines and and more so the Filipino culture. Here, locals eat, drink and dance and enjoy a perfect halo-halo on the edge of the pool, and in the evening, you can sing till your hearts content to some great karaoke hits. The bonus? The most welcoming and smiling staff on the island of Bohol.