Seaside Fun Park Family Funcations!

Seaside Fun Park Funcation

Seaside Fun Park offers a great value for large families or parties!

If you are planning to have a vacation for your family we have the cost-effective solution for you. We offer very reasonable room rates that can fit into your budget. We also offer our kitchen for you to cook your own food at a small price. This saves you plenty of money for feeding all of your party members very inexpensively! Your entire party would have access to the pool and ocean at all times, plus videoke and a live band every Friday and Saturday night! You can enjoy great songs and sing with the band if you want!

We also offer discounted prices for all of the site seeing tours, so you save money seeing sites on the island! We just need notice of when and where you want to go. We are located in the center of Bohol on the southern coast, so all attractions are very close to our location.

For example:

Let’s look at a party of 10 people that are staying for 4 days/3 nights.

To accommodate 10 people, you would want to book 1 family room that sleeps 6 and 1 Nipa room that can sleep 4. We have two rooms that sleep 6 and you can have as many people as you want at no additional cost, but if you need extra mattresses it is an additional ₱150 per night per mattress.

An example room rental would be as follows:

Family room ₱1,800 per night x 3 nights = ₱5,400

Nipa room ₱1,300 per night x 3 nights = ₱3,900

Two extra beds for the Nipa room x 3 nights = ₱900

Total room cost for 4 days/3 nights = ₱10,200

Kitchen rental for your stay would be as follows:

₱900 for propane

₱300 for each cook, for example, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner would be ₱900 per day.

The cost to purchase your own food would maybe cost ₱6,000 to ₱8,000 depending on the food you want to eat. That budget is up to you and your party.

Day one example Lunch and Dinner would be ₱600
Day two example Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner ₱900
Day two example Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner ₱900
Day four example Breakfast ₱300
Cost of food (you would purchase on your own) ₱7,000
Cost of propane ₱900

Total cost for meals for the Family Funcation ₱10,600! That’s ₱1,060 for each person for the entire stay!

Imagine the cost of eating at a restaurant for 4 meals per day for 10 people. That would cost close to ₱9,000 per day for your family for a total of ₱36,000 for the entire stay. You would save ₱25,400 over the course of your stay on food!

So, to stay at Seaside Fun Park for your Family Funcation you would be spending approximately ₱20,800! That’s ₱2,080 per person for a 4 day 3-night Funcation! A stay at Seaside Fun Park is cost effective and we ensure you and your family or party will have a great time. No request is too big or too small, we will make it happen! We also offer pick up and drop off service to both the seaports and airport at a reasonable cost.

Call us today so we can get your Funcation scheduled and let us take care of you! Reservation Line: (+63) 997-780-4077

5 Star Review by Larry F.

July 7, 2018
We took our family of 35+ people here for a few days and had a blast. This resort is not a typical 5-star resort lines with marble and silk, however, it is worth a 5-star rating due to the people and features. The new management (Bruce & Steve, and a few Filipino locals) go out of there way to accommodate you. Beautiful beach, reasonable rooms with working air con, nice pool, fresh drinking water, bar, karaoke, food services ( they even rented us their kitchen for a very low rate). Definitely, a place to have a big party at a good price. We will be back next year!