Philippines Excursion A Place to be In Bohol

Philippines Excursion A Place to be In Bohol

we welcome you to the most spectacular Philippines excursion

seaside-beach-resort-cottages-for-rent-0036Come join us as your best destination

in Bohol Philippines. Experience the Filipino culture like never before

Experience Seaside Beach resort for your ultimate destination in the Philippines.

We welcome all that want to experience the Filipino culture.

Experience the Philippines culture with us!

We at seaside Resort in Bohol. Philippines want you to experience the Philippines the way its meant to be experienced.

We offer a unique Philippines Excursion for you and your family. If you want a unique tourist destination come stay with us at Sea side resort in Dimao Bohol!



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Seaside Fun Park

Far from the crowded beaches of Alona, Seaside Fun Park is the best place for travelers who want to learn more about the Philippines and more so the Filipino culture. Here, locals eat, drink and dance and enjoy a perfect halo-halo on the edge of the pool, and in the evening, you can sing till your heart's content to some great karaoke hits. The bonus? The most welcoming and smiling staff on the island of Bohol.