The NEWEST Tourist Destination in Bohol

The NEWEST Tourist Destination in Bohol

Looking for something different on your tours in Bohol? We offer A UNIQUE Tourist Attraction

Seaside Beach Resort is a tourist destination because its a place where you can experience the TRUE local culture of the Philippines like it is meant to be experienced in a safe and secure atmosphere. While touring Bohol, a great place to relax and stay 1 or 2 nights, is Seaside Beach Resort in Dimiao Bohol. Seaside has created an environment where foreigners and local Filipinos can mingle, interact and learn about the amazing culture, sing karaoke, have a beer, drink served by our lovely waitresses, dance your heart out and SMILE like you never smiled before. Experience eating BALUT (developing duck embryo-a must try for everyone), chicken intestine or feet, experience the world famous bangka boat (BARUTO) by taking a ride or even taking one out on your own. Seaside can even arrange you for you to roast a pig (LECHON) you can watch everything, or you can even go see real COCKFIGHTS (only on Sunday). Seaside is close to a wide range of tourist spots like the Famous Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier Sanctuary or just come relax at the beach and have a barbecue or go island hopping to near by Palmalocan island. Or go snorkeling or create your own tour. There’s just so much to do and see when visiting Seaside Beach Resort. Instead of traveling all the way back to some hotel, why not stay over night half way and spend more time vacationing and less time traveling.
Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime, Seaside Beach Resort is a HAPPY and SAFE place to visit while touring Bohol. See you at the Seaside Beach Resort!!! Mabuhi!!!
The Chocolate Hills of Bohol

Trust us when we say “Your Bohol VACATION ADVENTURE wouldn’t be complete if you miss stopping by at Seaside Beach Resort”!

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Seaside Fun Park

Far from the crowded beaches of Alona, Seaside Fun Park is the best place for travelers who want to learn more about the Philippines and more so the Filipino culture. Here, locals eat, drink and dance and enjoy a perfect halo-halo on the edge of the pool, and in the evening, you can sing till your heart's content to some great karaoke hits. The bonus? The most welcoming and smiling staff on the island of Bohol.